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Updated: Mar 10, 2022


large hair companies are really playing you all with that hair quality and the amount of money y’all spend on WACK HAIR! I personally believe the bigger the company the less love they put into their products. One thing LC Hair will never do is fail my customer and their trust in me ...I put 100% love into my wigs and bundles and will never sell my clients anything they are not 100% satisfied with! Boy do I stand behind my product 100% and that's the difference between

Chasing The Dream And Not The Money!

Have you ever heard of floor hair? floor hair is hair that you would see all around a hair factory. It is leftover hair that is scattered all over the factory's floor. It sticks to the back of the fans, on the bottom of your shoes as you walk the factory's floor. These stray loose leftover strands of hair are considered floor hair. Vendors will add floor hair to your hair bundles, wigs hairpieces etc as fillers to fill the bundles up. It's actually rather brilliant but also a fraud ass way to get over on us here n the states...

Vendors will stretch 3.5 ounces of 30-inch hair by turning it into several hair bundles to sell. But check this the real catch is... here it is people! They process the hair into a hair bundle; but instead of using the entire 3.5 ounces that were originally donated... they chop it up by using only 3 ounces of the 30 inch hair they then add .5 ounces of the (Floor Hair) to complete the processed hair bundle. Now do you understand?...these factories think they slick yall.But in some cases, the entire bundle is made up of this trash hair. The best way to avoid coming in contact with bad hair is to TEST YOUR HAIR! Yes testing hair takes time and is a very long process BUT if you want to sell HIGH-QUALITY hair you have to personally wear, bleach, perm, flat iron, curl, hot comb, dye, and cut the hair. You have to test the hair against all elements in order to find the quality of hair in which your company desire.

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