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Hair Culturer

/hair/ /ˈkəlCHər/


1. Learned pattern of perceptions, values, and behaviors shared by a group of people that are dynamic and heterogeneous

2. A person that has dealt with Bullying, Ridicule, Taunting and or became Infamous for wearing a hair weave

BEFORE  it became a popular thing.  


          HeIlo I'm Nichole La’She, an Emerging hair brand professional with over twenty-four years of buying and wearing hair extensions. I wore hair weave during a time when women were made fun of for doing so. Have you ever heard the joke a horse wants its hair back? What about bald head scallywag? Wait the most infamous one of all...Its Unbeweavable lol! I know many of you have! I was made fun of to no end...But one thing for certain and two things for sure, I never let the teasing dictate, alter or deter me from  wearing weave. I took the hits with stride and my head held high. Deep down inside I believe that I'm one of the originals who paved the way. In my town I  was the girl known for wearing weave. I was raised by my grandfather. I didn’t have a mom to do my hair. I had to learn on my own. Have I mentioned I have 4C hair 😩. One day my dad (grandfather's) girlfriend at the time brought me over my first phony ponytail and I’ve been in love ever since!

I laugh to myself sometimes at how normalized hair weaves actually are today but deep down inside I knew one day they would be 

Today hair extensions are considered to be one of the most important parts of a woman’s wardrobe!

Boy have times changed lol!

My online hair store sell factory direct hair, "No middle man!

You can FINALLY feel comfortable knowing that you are purchasing from a Knowledgeable, Reputable and TEXTURED hair company.

I am a licensed stylist. I went to beauty school to obtain the title Knowledgeable and also to learn how to care for the foundation of my 4C natural hair. I am dedicated to educating you on caring for the foundation of your natural hair while you rock LCLH. 


Hair is an expression and your own personal signature! 


 Believe it or not it's not about the hair I sell. It's about the natural beauty my hair enhances. True to the concept of luxury I feel comfortable saying with confidence that LCLHC has some of the purest hair on the market. No fillers, or synthetic fibers in my hair. I sell high quality, cuticle aligned, clean long lasting hair wefts; that you can feel confident purchasing from your exclusive Licensed Stylist!


   LCLHC is the embodiment of every  woman in this world. She is Sassy, Sophisticated, Educated, and Sharp. She believes she is beautiful; because 

   You Are!

Meet The Hair Culturer: Who We Are!
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