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Hair Salon Shampoo Wash


1. Co-wash the hair instead of regular shampoo wash.

2. Wash the hair in a downward motion instead of massaging or twisting the hair.(Never massage or twist the hair, excessive movement will cause tangle and shedding.)

3. Apply a generous amount of conditioner.(But do not apply conditioner to areas where the hair weft is attached. Very important!)

4. After washing, air dry the hair. (pls don't blow dry, which caused breakage.)

5. Treat it gently. Brush or comb gently with a wide tooth comb and avoid any excess tension. Always comb or brush hair from the bottom up, small sections at a time. And don't run fingers through the hair, especially for curl pattern hair, like loose wave and deep curly.

6. Do not use any hair product which is heavy in alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals.

7. Do not use any greasy products, like mouse or hair jam.

Hair Care Tips: Warranty Disclaimer
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