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Thinking of going to beauty school? Here is some helpful insight!

If you don’t have somewhat of a skill DON’T GO! beauty school doesn’t teach you anything besides the basics (FACTS)!

You have to know how to do school does nothing for you if you have NO SKILL..

but if you do it enhances your skills by providing you with clients that has limited say on if he or she likes the style/cut, color or not..(hence) they are

your test dummies! But practice does make perfect and you will get a lot of practice…


If Empire is in a Urban area u get braids, locs, and weaves..white areas u get cut, color and highlights.. choose your area wisely depending on the services YOU provide.. There are schools in most areas so most of the time you do get that option…I went to Empire in both white and urban areas..I transferred to a more urban school because that’s my choice for selling hair!

All test are open book so retaining information is at your own risk LITERALLY…

Now it’s up to you on what u decide to do after school…I open a business went to China and now I work with the SIMMONS, Sasha banks AND Mariah Lynn..been in contact with a few women from dateline NBC..

It’s great networking in beauty school and we did learn from each other.. but not the teachers..

but I will say it again BEAUTY SCHOOL DOES NOT TEACH H YOU HOW TO DO HAIR! U must already have the skill 💯🫶🏾💖

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