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What is a Hair Culturer?

Updated: Mar 5

Hair Culturer /hair/ /ˈkəlCHər/noun 1. Learned patterns or perceptions, values, and behaviors shared by a group of people that are dynamic and heterogeneous 2. A person who has dealt with Bullying, Ridicule, Taunting, and or became Infamous for wearing a hairweave BEFORE  IT BECAME A POPULAR THING! 

Introducing Nichole La'She: Emerging Hair Brand Professional


Hello, My name is Nichole La'She, a licensed hairstylist and owner of Lashae Cole Luxury Hair Closet LLC. With over 20 years of buying and wearing hair extensions. I recall a time when wearing hair weaves was frowned upon, and women were shamed for it. Regrettably, I was a victim of this criticism my entire childhood. I fought back by getting licensed and starting my own hair company. As a hair enthusiast, I have always been captivated by hair.


Despite having a teaching degree, I resolved to pursue my passion for cosmetology in 2019. After completing beauty school, I founded Lashae Cole Luxury Hair Closet, visited my suppliers in China, and launched my business. You might have seen my hair featured on Growing Up Hip Hop LA, as I am also a celebrity hair vendor.


I believe I'm one of the pioneers that paved the way for today's wig-wearing devotees. I didn't have anyone to style my hair growing up because I was raised by my grandfather, so I had to learn to do it myself, which was challenging given my 4C hair type. One day, my dad's girlfriend surprised me with my first phony ponytail, and I've been obsessed with hair ever since. It's amusing to see how common extensions have become, but I always kind of knew they would be.

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