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Burmese Clip In Extensions

Burmese Clip In Extensions

Our Hair is the lowest maintenance hair you will ever have with a weave. It can be curled and doesn't frizz up in humidity. It's probably the most versatile hair you will ever purchase.

Is Burmese hair good hair?

Burmese hair is durable, healthy, strong and it also takes color well. Burmese hair is widely recognized for its versatility. The hair looks great in its natural state and can also hold a curl very well.

What texture is Burmese hair?

The texture of Burmese hair is similar to a mixture of Indian and Chinese hair. It has a naturally coarse texture, with a low to medium luster; in thus making it ideal to blend perfectly with your natural hair.

Fewer Greys
Burmese people tend to have fewer grey hairs because they use a lot of natural methods to maintain the hair. One method includes rinsing the hair with rice water to reduce greys and restore the PH balance.

Healthier strands
The hair has never been chemically treated or altered in any way. This ensures that the hair is as healthy as possible. All of the hair cuticles are completely intact so the hair will last for as long as it's properly cared for. ​​​​​​

  • Russian Hair Clip Ins Extensions

    Why is Russian hair the best?

    While Russian hair provides an excellent match in terms of thickness and texture for Western women, it is considered to be the best because of the Russian diet. With hair diets greatly influence both hair growth and hair quality.

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