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Stationed Overseas and have no clue what you will do with your hair once there?

Updated: Mar 5

I've witnessed firsthand how a family can get their orders to be stationed overseas one day then the panic begins. They begin scouring the town trying to purchase hair products that will last them a while or at least until they find the local hair store overseas. The agony of it all lol.😫 My ex-husband was Navy, and I have two sisters and an aunt who were once stationed overseas. So I know firsthand about the hair struggle. My little sister's family was stationed in Korea they are army affiliated. My aunt and older sister were both stationed in Germany. My older sister is army as well and my aunt's husband was Navy. (at different times of course). One thing they can all agree to is the fact that it was hard trying to find a hair store or even someone/salon that's knowledgeable enough to understand textured hair.

My little sister Kimberly was stationed in Korea for 3 years maybe a little longer. I've sent her well over 200$ in accessories such as earrings and things of that nature.OMG, you don't want to know how much she spent on hair 😩.

I worked for the Navy Exchange before starting my business. The women that were new to the area, white or black would always stop to ask me, who does my hair and where's the local beauty supply store? This was daily that my hair was the topic of conversation. I have also had conversations with fellow military wives who were being relocated and had already made plans with their family members to transport hair items to them wherever they were going to be stationed.

When I worked for the Commissary it was the same thing, but mostly black women who would ask me where do you go for hair needs in this town for people with textured hair?

lol, so I Do know personally that this is a BIG DEAL!

I started Lashae Cole Luxury Hair Closet with African American women in mind. Only wanting to cater to the textured hair community not considering every other woman with hair care needs. I thought back to the countless women not just of African American descent but all types of women approached me inquiring about my hair and also inquiring about the local beauty supply stores and hair salons. So with that being said this blog is for All women preparing for a big move to a new city and have no idea what to do with their hair!

I know firsthand how frightening it can be to move to a new area not knowing what, how, or who will be doing your hair. ...most women just opt for braids.😂 (Stop me when I'm lying lol).

If you do not want to opt for braids

Listed below are a few things you can do in preparation for your new move!

  1. Always start with your local Commissary and Navy Exchange. They usually have a hair care may be slim but RU complaining🙃. They usually for the most part at least carry the basics.. things like styling gels, edge control, hair oils, combs brushes hair lotions things like that.

  2. You should always do a Google search for the nearest Walmart to the base where you're going to be stationed. Walmart should have a hair products aisle. It may be slim but they do have hair products and you may even get lucky and find hair extensions in the store. Walmart also has a website similar to Amazon with quick shipping and they do carry hair extensions.

  3. Stock up!... stock up on hair and hair products before you leave in case you can't find anything in your area right away. You should always determine your location and how much shipping will be to get things to you ... because if you're overseas shipping can get very expensive. (For example) I did a lash giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram pages.. the girl who won was located in Costa Rica so shipping her pair of lashes cost me more than the lashes and package cost together.

  1. Have family members ship items to you from your favorite hair stores. Shipping will be pricy but hey it's an option.

  2. Online shopping is a great way to have items shipped overseas. Amazon is a great place to start..I'm in a few hair groups on social media and from what I can see by some of the girl's posts Amazon does have some great wigs.. quality may not be there.. but hey.. it's a great alternative. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I prefer that you shop with me.. but hey ya'll know the saying.. you can lead a horse to water...

  1. 😅 Anyway, Last but certainly not least we have I have hair products and hairpieces specifically for active duty women and accessories for military wives. If you don't see what you need on my website you are more than welcome to submit an email to me. If I do carry what you are looking for and is just out of stock you can submit a back-in-stock request and I'll make sure it's there!

Ladies Ya'll Got This!

I hope this blog helps you feel a little easier about your exciting new adventure within this thing called life 💕

Thanks, Ya'll!

Nichole La'Shae ✨

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