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My Trip To China!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

You don’t have to be a famous to have great Hair!

We strive to find the best hair on the market..

Have you ever wondered where the hair that we so effortlessly place in our head comes from? Not the hair that we naturally grow out of our heads but the hair that we attach to our head by either way sew in, glue in, tape in, wig, bangs, buns, braids, U tips, I tips etc...

Have you ever sat back and wondered who the person is that’s actually walking around somewhere completely bald headed 😩😂out here in the world so that we can have this beautiful luxurious hair in our heads...🤷🏽‍♀️Like for-real though where does hair bundles actually comes from?

We are told that “we have best hair”...“100% human hair”,no chemical, ”luxury”how we know? Have you ever just sat back and wondered who is it that’s really behind the computer screen trying to convince us that they are reputable one thing through the people behind the screen. But who is it that we are really talking to behind the screens? We send thousands better yet millions of dollars overseas each year to an entirely different country with the hopes that the person behind the screen will keep their end of the bargain by sending you (air quotes) authentic hair bundles.

They trademark the hair Burmese, Brazilian, Russian, Malaysian, blah, blah, blah,blah. How many of us actually saw a russian or brazilian woman being descaled..I'll wait? It's a ploy people we use it for MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY Beloved. Majority of the hair that we wear on our head comes off the scalps of women in India that donates their hair to a hair temple. That hair temple then sells the hair to the Chinese that then sells the hair to us/the people that you buy your bundles and or wigs from.

After I graduated hair school I decided to carry my inquisitive tail right on over them seas to find out how the process really works.. With that knowledge I can build my brand honestly and then go on to honestly answer my customers questions without feeding them some ole bull that a person behind a WhatsApp or computer screen tells me. That's considered second party knowledge to me and in order to run a successful hair company I need to know first hand where the hair I’m selling my customers come from and the history behind the strands we so effortlessly place on our heads.

At LCLHC you can buy hair with confidence because the factory that my hair comes from is the real deal and I have been there several times myself. The hair is organically sourced authentic and is of impressive quality even to myself!

Shop with confidence!



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