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It's A lot of FAKE Virgin Hair out here!


We sell only one quality of hair and that's


Nowadays, fake virgin hair is crazily sold in the world! Everyone and their best friends are selling hair. How can you tell which hair companies are actually a real blood, sweat, tears, went to beauty school to get a step above the rest, traveled overseas to ensure quality, born to do this hair companies? From the stimulus check I can do that too hair companies? You can't! A Lot of yall especially the beginner wig slayers have to just kiss it to God and hope for the best 😩.

The amount of sneaky, fake, let me get in on this rush, not really a vendor but sell hair claiming to have a hair company perpetrating hair vendors selling low quality chemically processed hair is getting out of control. These vendors are claiming to have the best virgin hair; with very low prices. This is one way they pull you in just to make a quick buck. Yall really need to do the work by researching these hair companies before investing in hair these days.

Fake virgin hair looks almost the same as genuine virgin hair at the beginning, Due to its acid bath and being coated with silicon. But once the silicon coat is stripped off this usually occur after several washes the hair will be a ⬇

At LCLHC,"We promise that all of our hair is genuine virgin hair" (except our #613 hair); and to ensure that your hair won't suffer from any abnormal shedding or tangling after getting our bundles washed and installed, we offer an "AFTER-INSTALLATION WARRANTY" Creating and building trusting relationships with our customers by providing an a added sense of security.

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