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How To Tame Flyaways In Hair Extensions

What are flyaways and how do I get rid of them?

Flyaways are tiny hairs that stick out of your bundles... if you still don't get it here's one better... Think back in the day at your grandmother's house she says baby change the channel for me. You get up to walk across her ugly ORANGE shaggy carpet to turn the television channel for her and you get the shock of your life.. jump back like holy hell all the while your hair is standing on top of your head.. yeah that's what flyaways look like in your hair bundles...

So lets get really real the quality of hair you have plays a huge factor in the flyaway game. So theres alot of people out here selling very low quality hair which results in a lot of flyaways. when u pull a bundle sorg of like stretch the hair if small hairs are popping out of the bundles the hair quality is trash. The asians fill the bundles with shorter length of hair or hair that has fallen on the floor to fill the bundles. Another slick thing that they do is at the top of the track where you see the seam they fill the tracks with like 1 inch hair to also fill the bundles.

Now let's talk quality

The amount of money you spend on hair plays a huge factor in you receiving top shelf hair. If your bundles cost 20$ expect 20$ hair PERIOD. The industry is so over saturated that its very hard to find great quality hair. I know everyone selling hair out here the first thing they say is "I have great quality hair".😩You have to do your research and don't just go with a hair company because they are popular or because they have stars wearing the hair. First of all the hair They're receiving is quality hair but the hair that YOU receive won't be that hair lol... real talk its all about perception in this industry.

Now lets tame them flyaways...

  1. The best way to tame flyaways if you ever encounter them is to finish your hairstyle with a holding spray then lightly brush your hair down the flyaways will lay down.

  2. You can tame them flyaways using a wax stick.. The best brand of wax stick is LOGO wax stick Bed Head wax stick

  3. A hair gloss serum will also tame flyaways. A great brand to use is John Frieda Luminous Gloss or any sheen spray will work!

So now that you know how to identify quality hair bundles and how to TAME YOUR FRIZZ


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